"I have always been a frequent visitor to the tanning booth, but lately I’ve noticed my skin aging and a few sun spots popping up. I’ve been an owner of my Belloccio sunless airbrush kit for about a month now and let me just say it is life changing! So easy to use and convenient. I usually shower and airbrush myself before bed. When I wake up in the morning I have a glowing tan that looks like I just got off the beach from a tropical Island. I even spray my boyfriend who has much lighter skin then I and he looks great! This was definitely the best purchase I’ve made thus far! Lets just say- goodbye to make up and hello to freshly bronzed skin with this product!"
- Brittany Whalley (West Babylon NY 11704)

"I'm Co-Director of Majesty in Motion Salsa Dance Company in San Diego. I teach dance and perform worldwide. I love Belloccio makeup because it makes you look like you have nothing on your face. I also love the fact that it takes seconds to apply, it's so fast! I use it on myself and my team every time we perform on stage. This make up lasts even after a long night of dancing!"
- Jennifer L. Stein

"This image was taken this past weekend at a work function where I am wearing full Belloccio makeup. I received MANY compliments on my makeup, and I even had a few people ask me if I had been on vacation! (I believe it's the bronzer, subtle yet glowing). The makeup goes on so fine, and the flaws just seem to magically erase before your very eyes. The finish is soft focus, smooth, and flawless. I have loved the highlighter, bronzer, and blush to complete the look now that I have grown comfortable with the airbrush technique. This makeup lasts all day without any touchups! I was out in the snowy/rainy NYC weather to and from the event, and looked fresh at the end of the evening as if I just applied. I am impressed with the customer service I have received as well. The shipping has been accurate, quick, and the product arrived as expected. The attention you gave me when I called in impressed me tremendously, and I will be sticking with this up and coming airbrush makeup system and brand. I couldn't be more pleased, and look forward to using your compressor/gun and also trying the tanning system!
Thank you again for very hands on customer service."
- Lisa Richards

"Airbrush Yourself Beautiful!, Tired of applying your makeup and foundation the same old boring way??? Lucky for U, Belloccio has an awesome personal airbrush system that will add some pizazz to your beauty routine. Watch makeup artist Mia Crawford demonstrate how easy it is to use as well as some great tips in the video!"
- Perez Hilton