GOLDDIGGER SHIMMER Shade Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Shimmer Highlighter; 1/2 oz. Bottle



Collections: Highlighters

Vendor: Belloccio


  • Color Shade: Golddigger shimmer highlighter (gold shimmer)
  • Radiant pearlized effect for eyes and cheeks
  • Shimmer highlighter will bring out your best features
  • Will suddenly make tired eyes look bright and awake
  • Apply under the brow bone to give a pop to the eyebrow

Belloccio Shimmer Highlighter Blush - Radiant Pearlized Effect for Eyes and Cheeks.

A great application with shimmer highlighter can bring out your best features and even provide the illusion of features you’ve always wish you had. Instantly brightens, is long lasting and helpful for keeping skin smooth and flawless.

Application Tips

  • Apply under the eye area and bring up around to the eyebrow this will suddenly make tired eyes look BRIGHT and AWAKE!
  • Apply highlighter under the brow bone to give a pop to the eyebrow.
  • Apply above the bow of the lip to give the illusion of a full plump lips or even counterbalance dark shadows on the face.

Belloccio’s exclusive airbrush foundation, blushes, shimmers and bronzers will change your makeup application forever! Belloccio airbrush makeup not only looks beautiful on the skin but also contains skin care benefits giving you the ultimate makeup experience every day!

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