Belloccio® Set of 4 Premium Tanning Glove Mitts; Includes 2 Double Flocked Premium Full Sized Mitts and 2 Mini Facial Tanning Mitts for all Sunless Tanning Products


BEL TM02-4

Collections: Tanning Accessories

Vendor: Belloccio


  • 2 Large Two Sided Soft Microfiber Mitts & 2 Mini Face Mitts
  • Value priced, as you get 4 premium quality mitt's for the price of 2
  • Premium quality, durable, washable and reusable mitts. Waterproof for stain free hands
  • Mitts allow you to easily apply an even application of self tanner, so you can achieve streak free flawless tans
  • 1 YEAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you're not satisfied with our applicator mitts within 1 year, we'll provide a full refund

The first step to achieving the perfect flawless tan, starts with the use of Belloccio's high quality microfiber tanning applicator mitts.

  • The 2 large full size mitts fit on the average persons hand and have soft microfiber cloth on both sides of them
  • The 2 mini face mitts are single sided and only require 2 fingers for use
  • Waterproof mitts with a non-slip inner lining, so you'll have no mess and stain-free hands with streak-free results
  • No need to worry about getting messy lotions, mouses, oils, gels, or spray tanning products on your hands during application
  • The mitt's soft microfiber cloth makes it easy to apply an even application of your choice of self tanner sun products
  • Excellent for use during or after a turbine spray tanning session to smooth out over or under sprayed body parts
  • Long lasting thick durable mitt's, that don't rip or break and are easily washable and reuseable
  • Comes with a poly storage and carrying bag
  • Includes a 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with our applicator mitts within 1 year, we'll provide a full refund

Directions For Use:

  • Insert entire hand into body mitt or two fingers into the face mitt.
  • For best results apply desired amount of tanner on to the mitt, then evenly blend it on the body with the mitt.
  • For spray self-tanners apply the spray to the skin, then blend with the applicator mitt for even coverage.
  • Hand rinse mitts thoroughly with warm soapy water after each use.
  • Allow mitts to dry before placing them back into storage bag.

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