50 Pairs of Disposable Tanning Feet Pads (100 Feet Total); Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Foot Protection; (Color Varies)


BEL TF-100

Collections: Tanning Accessories

Vendor: Belloccio


  • Disposable Tanning Feet Pads are an essential item to protect you or your clients feet during a spray tanning session
  • Foam Tanning Feet Pads are low cost, hygienic foot protectors, designed specifically for the spray on tan industry
  • Clients love them because they are easy to use, hygienic and will totally eliminate any chance of getting their soles blackened by tanning over spray. They also prevent clients from slipping on wet solution.
  • One size fits all, but the thin rubber can be cut to size if needed
  • Peel off the top layer to reveal a sticky layer that adheres to the total sole of the foot. They're easy to walk in and are far superior to cheaper paper versions of Tanning Feet Pads.

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