9 Foot Replacement Hose for Turbo-Tan & Belloccio Tanning System Models T65, T75 & T85



Collections: Equipment, Tanning Equipment

Vendor: Belloccio


  • 9 Foot Replacement Hose with Cuff Fit (Push Fit) Hose Connection to the Model G12 Application Spray Gun and Twist on Connection the Turbine Motor
  • Hose fits the Turbo-Tan & Belloccio Models T65, T75 or T85 standard cuff fit (push fit) connection tanning systems.
  • One hose end has a twist on connector that attaches to the turbine motor unit. The other hose end has a cuff fit (push fit) connector that attaches to the Turbo-Tan & Belloccio Model G12 spray application gun.
  • Belloccio T75-QC & T85-QC tanning systems. They require the part# TAN TH10 quick-connect hose version that has a coupler plug on one end and a quick-release coupler connector on the other end.
    Note: Hose will not fit the QC (quick-connection) hose versions of Turbo-Tan &

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