1-Tube Of 100 Blue Microbrushes

TCP Global Corporation

TCP MB-24200B

Collections: Accessories

Vendor: TCP Global Corporation


  • 100 Pack of premium quality disposable micro brushes with 2.0 mm medium size micro tips. They are ideal for applying or removing eyelash extensions or makeup.
  • Applicator brushes are lint free and have a non-drip fiber tip with non-absorbing fibers. 4" long blue micro brushes with bendable necks. Jar allows one brush to be dispensed at a time.
  • Unique bendable micro bushes with precision tips that enable you to have full control over the placement of eyelash extentions and the application or removal of their glues.
  • Ideal for use in several categories like beauty, health care, hygiene, auto paint touch-up and detailing, cleaning dust, dirt and grime or accurate placement of paint, sealant, solvent, glue, adhesive and lubricant.
  • Save time, save material waste and reduce cleanup by using our economical and disposable micro brushes!

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