TCP Global® SG244 Liquid Thickness/Viscosity Measuring Cup Ford #4

TCP Global Corporation

TCP SG-244


Vendor: TCP Global Corporation


  • The Ford # 4 cup is a portable device for quickly checking and measuring the viscosity or thickness of paint, varnish, lacquer, stains, inks, syrups, liquids and more
  • Cup allows you to verify coating viscosity prior to painting, so you can fully atomize the paint spray, helping you achieve a flawless finish.
  • The Ford viscosity cup is a simple gravity device that permits the timed flow of a known volume of liquid passing through an orifice located at the bottom.
  • To determine the viscosity of a liquid, the cup is dipped and completely filled with the substance.
  • After lifting the cup out of the substance the user measures the time until the liquid streaming out of it breaks up, this is the corresponding "efflux time".


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